Outgoing Student

Students who wish to receive education at one of our partner universities within the scope of protocols should follow the instructions of the host university and carry out their applications. The host institution may request an official letter from our office to process your application. If you need assistance during application please notify us through


Candidates who wish to carry out a mobility period as an exchange student at a partner institution abroad should get informed about the application terms and processes, quota and etc. through the host university’s international relations office or any other means (it would be wise for the candidates to communicate with their faculties at OMU and, informing the related unit at the faculty about their intention to carry out such a mobility, get their consent before applying to the host institution); and carry out their application in accordance with the directions of the host university (the host institution may require a nomination letter from our office or that the office make the application in the candidates’ name or even let the candidates make their own applications). Candidates whose application is approved should submit an “Acceptance Letter” alongside with dully filled and signed Outgoing Student Application Form and Learning Agreement (the LA provided by host university is also accepted)


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