Fulbright Specialist Prof. Dr. Oya İçmeli Tükel From Cleveland State University - USA Visited OMU

A Special Guest from U.S.A

The International Relations Office is currently hosting a Fulbright Specialist, Prof. Dr. Oya İçmeli Tükel from Cleveland State University for the duration of 2 weeks.

The Fulbright Specialist Programme was organized by the International Relations Office in collaboration with the Faculty of Agriculture and Faculty of Engineering.

Prof. Dr. Oya İçmeli Tükel is an academic who has experience in both teaching and training and curriculum development in the field of Supply Chain Management and Innovation Management.

After her first week experience at OMU, we held a meeting at the International Relations Office in order to discuss the future development action plan for collaboration between our institutions. The head of IRO, Prof. Dr. Rıdvan Kızılkaya highlighted the importance of cooperation at all levels. The suggested action plan will be implemented in the near future.

The manager of the Alaçam Vocational School, Prof. Dr. Kürşat Demiryürek, the host professor at OMU, also joined the meeting and discussed the possible future projects particularly in the field of Logistics and Innovation Management. The feasible action will be put into practice the coming year.

The following activities have been carried out during her stay at OMU

  1. Seminar for Undergraduate Students / Post graduate Students / Student Club

Our students have gained knowledge and real information about the subject and importance of networking, international collaboration and study/internship opportunities at CSU.  This experience will help our students broaden their perspectives towards their career and study opportunities.

  1. Meeting with Industries

By sharing opinions, establishing and developing a strong relationship      between the University and industrial corporations, we will be able to establish action plans which can be implemented and supported by all the key stakeholders.

  1. Develop an academic curriculum / Summer Internship Exchange Programme

Having a Fulbright specialist expert on Campus has created a great impact and helped us overcome obstacles to better understand the educational curriculum at both institutions and establish the feasible innovative joint programme at OMU. More details on the agreed programme will be announced on our website soon.

  1. Guest Speaker at Academic Entrepreneurship Conference

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