Atakum Boys' Dormitory

OMU offers accommodation to incoming exchange students in the International Student Dormitory. The dormitory is situated on the “Guzel Sanatlar” Campus and has an 81-bed capacity and is comfortably suitable for students with all the necessary facilities of a flat; including bathrooms, kitchens and wi-fi internet.

Monthly fees:                                            

Single room 400,00 TL
Double room 290,00 TL per person
Room for 3 250,00 TL per person
Room for 4 225,00 TL per person


Atakum Girls' Dormitory

The dormitory is located in the suburb of Mimar Sinan, one of the most favourite and central part of the town of Atakum. It consists of 2 blocks and has a 150-bed capacity. It includes double rooms and rooms for three. Each floor has a lounge and a TV room. Our dormitories are rather suitable for comfortable accommodation and study purposes. It has all the necessary facilities of a flat; including bathrooms, kitchens and wi-fi internet.


Monthly fees:

Room type Price
Double room 290,00 TL
Room for 3 225,00 TL


Please note that priority is given to students arriving within the Erasmus + or Mevlana exchange programmes. If free rooms are left after such students are placed, interinstitutional protocol or freemover students are placed to those free rooms.
For further information and Dormitory Rules and Regulations please click HERE.  


If you do not wish to stay in the dormitory you may stay in private dormitories, hotels or rent flats for approximately 120 Euros. The easiest way to find a flat is to do some research on the internet or knock the door of a real estate agency in your neighbourhood. If you have extra time, it is also possible to find an apartment by wandering around and looking for a flat for rent. When you rent a flat via an agency, you should prepare to discard one-month rental as an agency cut. Besides, you should take into consideration paying a deposit whether you are renting the flat directly or through an agency. The amount of deposit is equal to approximately one-month rent. However, at the end of the tenancy contract, if you hand in the flat in good condition, the deposit you paid will be given back to you.